Dhoom 2: Cheap movie

saw dhoom 2 last night.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

1. For the body show

i). Aishwarya: You can see aishwarya rai’s body to the maximum. her cleavage, her butt shape, her figure, her skin, her back, everything except the critical parts which cannot be shown on the indian screen. she showed it all.
there is a scene where she and hrithik play baketball in the the rain. that whole scene was conceived only to show aishwarya’s body, you can see her bouncing balls and shaking cleavage while she dribbles the basketball.
every costume she wears is the movie is a feast for your eyes. you can easily imagine her naked as most of her is already shown.
theres a scene where she strips her full jacket or something. then we see her in Lux Underwear aur baniyaan. ash in male boxer briefs. that was supposed to be very sexy but i burst out laughing.
she and hrithink kiss each other on the lips. yes they do. how could aishwarya do that? i dont know. may be she thought kissing somebody on screen for the spirit of the movie is absolutely fine and professional. but i guess she dint realise that the spirit of the movie is nothing but selling skin and thrill(failed to thrill). very cheap spirit. and therefore her kissing act is also cheap. it serves no other purpose that to excite men watching the movie.
my hatsoff to Yash Chopra, the Great Indian Pimp. he is capable of showing every actress in a way that an early masturbator wants to see. and he does that. he degrades every woman who stars in his production. he is the man! every front bencher is thankful to him for showing their favourite actresses body in such an elaborate and/or erotic way. he knows the indian male fantasies and he captures them.

ii) Bipasha: i think John Abraham dumped her. and she wants to take some kind of revenge by working hard to get a great body and then flaunting it all/showcasing it all in the sequel to a film that john once starred in. and she does it. im sure she worked hard to get that body. and she shows it all. well she wears something on her breasts under her dress so that her breasts look bigger. it looks artificial. but still, the whole thing is hot. she wears a bikini and shows everything. there is almost nothing left to be seen of her. just add three things to your imagination and u have her almost-authentically naked.
a woman who wants to show off to her ex-boyfriend her newly developed great figure + a pimp producer = mega bonanza.

2. You are a fan of Hrithik: hrithik shows off his body, so u might not want to miss this. and he does all those stunts, not bad, they should be exciting enough for u.

Note – they even showed off a pregnant woman’s body. abhishek’s wife in the movie is a pregnant woman. she is seen in only two scenes and in all the two she is shown wearing a very short gown/slip(i dont know what its called) which reveal her legs almost completely from feet to upper most part of thighs. The chopras are hardcore pimps, they dont compromise on anything.

Why You Should Not Watch This Movie:

1. its a cheap movie
2. its a stupid movie. yes its dumb.
3. there are not much thrills as you would expect. even the songs and background music suck.
4. you are the kind of a person who cannot take non-sense
5. Uday Chopra
6. your kids might get scared when abhishek bachchan’s face is shown in close-up


November 30, 2006 - Posted by | Bollywood


  1. Very true, you speak my mind. Dhoom 2 is really doomed. Your observations about Ash and Bips are very true. Indian movie makers should understand that Indian public has intelligence of International level, should treat them with respect.

    Comment by JV | November 30, 2006 | Reply

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